Mission Briefing: Luart IDO Whitelist Application

Calling all Explorers!

We’re bracing for impact as we orbit closer to our IDO. We want to give community members another exclusive outlet to gain access to $LUART tokens. We’re giving 500 lucky participants each a spot in our private sale and a chance to purchase up to 500 $UST worth of $LUART tokens. Below you will find the link + details on how to enter the whitelist.

How it Works:

1. Complete the stated tasks in the SweepWidget for entries into a pool.

2. The entry period will close on December 17, 2021, at 11:59PM UTC.

3. 500 unique wallet addresses will be randomly selected from the entries.

4. Selected wallet addresses will be announced in the Discord.

Application Link: https://sweepwidget.com/view/41155-523dkuz0

IDO Whitelist Token Details

Token Ticker: $LUART

Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000

IDO Whitelist Raise: 250,000 $UST

IDO Token Price: 0.025 $UST

Vesting: 10% TGE + 6 month Linear Vesting

What is Luart?

Luart.io is the first gamified NFT marketplace built on the Terra Network. Luart brings a unique incentivization model to the market which includes an in-platform scoring system, Play2earn, NFT Farming, and a native token which will allow users to earn rewards for being active participants on Luart and in the NFT community.

At the core of the platform’s gamification model is the LUA Power scoring system. LUA Power gives users a chance to compete for positions on our leaderboard to earn platform exclusive rewards like handpicked NFTs and access to special events. To produce users’ LUA Power score, we will track their participation on the Luart platform. Activities that can count towards Lua Power include, but are not limited to: staking $LUART, minting NFTs from platform exclusive launches, trading NFTs, holding NFTs on our platform, and buying Luart Boxes.

Increasing the LUA Power score benefits users in a few different ways. Luart partners with NFT collections who plan to mint on our Launchpad and we will offer whitelisting spots just for LUA Power users, access to Luart Boxes where users can get rare NFTs under market value. As the team continues to progress through the Roadmap, more activities will be created to add opportunities for increasing your LUA Power score.

Token Utility

The $LUART token serves as the key value accrual metric for the Luart platform. Since the LUA power score centers around rewarding user activity and staking/holding $LUART tokens, as the platform experiences increased user growth, $LUART will capture that value. In the future, Luart plans to become a full decentralized protocol and $LUART will serve as it’s governance token as well.

Good luck Explorers!


Join Luart

We are always looking for developers and creative minds who are interested in joining us on this journey in building the first gamified NFT marketplace in the Terra Ecosystem. See the links below to reach out.



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