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The Monkey Lino

Explorers, we have another project to dive into. LunaShield is a project that brings together NFTs, 3d printing, and clothing all in one creative space. Today we will take another deep dive into LunaShield. We will go over exactly who LunaShield is, their vision for the project, mint details, and their wonderfully ambitious roadmap.

LunaShield was born from the passions that join us all. They will bring together Crypto, NFTs, 3D printing, and clothing. They are investors that chose the TerraLuna world because they were enthralled by the innovation being created daily in the space. Wanting to be part of the future, they decided to make their own contribution and bring value to all Lunatics in an artistic form. A few words from the team;

We see this collection as a great opportunity to be able to expand our company concept. This new industrial revolution is a great opportunity for all of us, it allows us to share art, create communities and meet visionary minds. Our goal is to create a true community that brings value to everyone. We grow together, exchange opinions, see the future as an opportunity. The NFT collection is just the beginning, the interactive METAVERSE where we meet the arrival.

This excitement and passion they share for the space have driven them to artistically and graphically express their emotion. Every LunaShield has been worked and modeled in 3D and has partnered with a famous Italian graphic designer, Brando Corradini. Brando has worked on other NFT projects in the past and has founded a clothing brand in Italy.

The Vision

The goal of LunaShield is to be the start of fully immersing with an Avatar in the VR space. Over the next few months, they plan to implement different phases of activities with the idea of garnering interest and being interactive with the community. The Avatar will be a personal and customizable entity. Imagine, owning your own character from the LunaShield collection and seeing him in web rooms or even in your favorite game! The possibilities are endless and the team’s excitement is palpable.

They want and look forward to growing together with the community in order to exchange opinions and to create a project that brings something new and valuable to Lunatics in an artistic form. This sentiment brings about a need for graphic expression. Every LunaShield’s warrior has been created by organic 3D modeling and the environments are HQ rendered. The NFT collection is just the beginning, the interaction of the LunaShield characters in the METAVERSE will be the arrival point.

Mint Details

Now for the details of the mint.

LunaShield will be minting on Luart, January 26th. There will be a total supply of 1000 LunaShield NFTs available to mint at a price of 99 UST each.

The price for whitelisted members is 79 $UST! This price is a bargain for anyone looking to mint a Lunashield NFT.

There will be a total of two minting periods. The first will be the public whitelist period where the whitelisted individuals will get a chance to mint up to 2 LunaShield NFTs per wallet. The whitelist, as they stated, is mostly for bot prevention so you can fill out a form here to be included. Being on a whitelist doesn’t guarantee you a mint. Minting will be on a first come first serve basis. This period will be open for 24 hours. The second period is the public mint and each wallet cant mint up to 5 LunaShield so long as they remain available.

The first LunaShield mint will feature Lino the monkey. Lino will be the first of several fighters of the LunaShield army. Lino is the epiphany of style! With his luxurious accessories, he is ready to fight the war, his war. He is unique in his punk, rock, and futuristic style. There are 3 different categories of rarity: common, rare, and legendary. 650 traits will be common, 300 will be rare and 50 legendary. Every LunaShield will have different traits.


As is expected with any good project, LunaShield has an exceptional roadmap with just the right amount of foresight and ambition. After the generating of 1000 LunaShield NFTs, creating of a rarity sheet and the agreement of launch with us on Luart reached, the roadmap includes:

  • Brand clothing
  • 3D printing
  • LunaShield integration into the metaverse
  • A huge giveaway!

That concludes the deep dive into LunaShield. To keep up to date on LunaShield announcements and activities make sure to follow them on Twitter and hop on over to their Discord from the links provided below.




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